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Brain injuries can be devastating. Although the symptoms of a brain injury may impact nearly every area of a client’s life, by outward appearances, it may look like nothing is wrong. Brain injuries can affect a wide range of functions that occur internally, such as processing and retaining information. A challenge unique to many of our brain injury victims lies in proving the far reaching effects of their injury.

Without the help of a skilled Montgomery County brain injury lawyer, it will be difficult to obtain the compensation you deserve. Our firm has years of experience handling brain injury cases and works with specialists and experts in the field in order to fully communicate the effects of your injury to a jury. We devote the time and resources necessary to achieving success on your behalf.

If you’ve sustained a brain injury, don’t hesitate to contact Morris Wilson, P.C. We will put nearly a century of collective experience to work for you! We offer free case evaluations.

Symptoms & Causes of Brain Injuries

Causes of brain injuries can vary from blunt force trauma to a lack of oxygen and lessened blood supply. Extreme cases can result in coma, paralysis, or death. Other cases can result in less obvious, but still considerably life-changing symptoms.

Brain injuries commonly result in some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Problems processing information
  • Difficulty communicating effectively
  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of or changes in senses
  • Regular headaches
  • Mood swings

Each brain injury case will present its own challenges and symptoms. Each person will have his or her own struggles and be impacted by the injury in unique ways. It is our job as attorneys to take the time to fully understand your circumstances and powerfully present your case to the court.

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At Morris Wilson, P.C., our experienced Montgomery County brain injury attorneys are dedicated to fighting for just compensation on your behalf. With nearly a century of collective experience, our firm has the knowledge and resources needed to devote to your case. In just the past five years, we have obtained more than $30 million on behalf of our clients. You can count on compassionate care coupled with aggressive advocacy when you enlist the services of our skilled attorneys.

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