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Our #1 Goal: Max Compensation for Clients

Insurance companies may offer to settle personal injury lawsuits cases prior to trial. These offers are typically low and do not represent the full value of a case, including medical bills, financial losses, and pain and suffering.

We fight for our clients, sparing no expense in pursuit of our number one goal – obtaining maximum compensation in every case. Our attorneys take the time and attention to discuss with clients the benefits and limitations of pre-trial settlement or taking the case to trial and reach a joint decision on the best option for the case.

For every case, we always remain prepared to take the matter to trial to seek justice for our clients. Below are recent cases in which we declined offers to settle from the other side and instead vigorously pursued our clients’ cases to seek the best possible result at trial.

Offer: $0

Result: $2 Million

Stroke misdiagnosis lawsuit against an emergency room hospital in Chester County, PA

Offer: $1 Million

Result: $7.7 Million

Pulmonary embolision misdiagnosis lawsuit against an emergency room hospital in Philadelphia, PA

Offer: $750,000

Result: $6.3 Million

Family doctor in Montgomery County, PA ignored signs of impending stroke

Offer: $2.5 Million

Result: $3.2 Million

Montgomery County, PA hospital liable when vein implant designed to stop blood clots migrated to the heart, causing a heart attack

Offer: $200,000

Result: $3 Million

18 year old died when an emergency room doctor in Philadelphia failed to diagnose a heart defect

Offer: $500,000

Result: $1 Million

Car accident lawsuit against an emergency medical services company in Philadelphia

Offer: $0

Result: $600,000

Delayed diagnosis lawsuit in Philadelphia for failure to diagnose a punctured bowel, leading to sepsis

Offer: $120,000

Result: $2.7 Million

Medical negligence lawsuit in Philadelphia where a patient in a psychiatric ward complained of chest pain but was ignored, leading to a missed pulmonary embolism

Offer: $0

Result: $2.2 Million

Birth injury lawsuit in Philadelphia where delayed labor and delivery resulted in cerebral palsy

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