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Limb Loss & Amputation Injury

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Suffering the loss of a limb is a devastating experience for injury victims. Whether the loss was due to a severe car accident or to medical malpractice, victims are left to navigate a series of complicated legal proceedings in hopes of obtaining compensation to help with medical bills, cost of prosthetics, and more.

Our Approach to Helping Clients 

When our firm, Morris Wilson, P.C., deals with patients suffering from an amputation, our number one goal is to take care of all the legal details so that our client can focus solely on recovery. We conduct investigations, we interview pertinent witnesses, and we take the time to understand the situation in order to build our clients a case that will give them the best chance at maximum compensation. Over the years, our client-centric approach has yielded big results. In the last five years, we have won $30 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients!

We offer free case evaluations and operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you have nothing to lose by calling us today at (610) 825-0500!

Obtaining Recovery for Amputation & Limb Loss Injuries

Amputation often requires extensive hospital stay for treatment and follow-up care. Even after the patient is discharged from the hospital, he or she will require therapy to recover function. Depending on which limb is lost or how much of the limb was lost, rehabilitation time can vary. In addition, patients will often be fit or re-fit for prosthetic limbs.

Common expenses after the loss of a limb can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Therapy expenses
  • Prosthetics and replacements

The costs involved in an injury such as this are life-changing. Without the help of a skilled lawyer, these bills can completely overwhelm an injured victim and their loved ones. It is crucial to fight for maximum compensation that will cover the costs of all these factors and enable the client to enjoy the highest quality of life possible, through quality rehabilitation programs, advanced prosthetic limbs, and more.

Pursue Compensation with Nearly a Century of Collective Experience!

Although no amount of compensation will ever truly be able to make you feel whole again, our Montgomery County amputation injury attorneys will fight tenaciously to alleviate the stress of medical bills and to provide you with the quality of life you deserve. We will work to hold the liable party accountable for your injury. Morris Wilson, P.C. has the knowledge and resources you need to get the results you deserve. Our clients know us for our level of care, and opposition knows us for our aggressive advocacy. Join our team in pursuit of just compensation on your behalf.

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