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Manufacturers and sellers of products have an obligation to design and manufacture their products so that they are not defective or unreasonably dangerous. When a product malfunctions, is not designed or is not made properly, and causes serious injury, the manufacturer can be held responsible for the damages caused by those injuries.

Our skilled Montgomery County product liability lawyers can thoroughly investigate your injury and the circumstances around your case in order to determine who is at fault for your injury. Let us handle the legal details of your case with the help of decades of experience and extensive resources while you focus on recovery and moving forward. Morris Wilson Knepp Jacquette, P.C. is dedicated to our clients and works to ensure that our clients are taken care of.

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Claims for a defective product which cause injury are often called product liability claims. These claims involve complex factual and legal issues, and require technical and engineering evaluation of the products involved. Our attorneys are experienced in handling product liability claims, and have obtained very good results for our clients. One of our attorney’s experience includes sitting on corporate safety committees which evaluate the safety of design and performance of products, giving us unique and insight and sources of information in pursing these cases for our injured clients.

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