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    Birth injuries are some of the most tragic circumstances a family has to deal with. Especially during labor and delivery, patients in Pennsylvania trust that their doctors and medical professionals will perform according to an acceptable standard of care when taking care of them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

    At Morris Wilson Knepp Jacquette, P.C., our Pennsylvania medical malpractice and birth injury lawyers have decades of experience in handling cases concerning birth injuries. We will devote extensive amounts of time and resources to the investigation of all aspects of your case, including medical records, witnesses, and more. With this information, we will build a powerful case on your behalf that exposes any negligence on the part of the hospital or medical staff who were attending you and your infant.

    Cases accepted across Pennsylvania, including Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County. Contact us for a free consultation.

    Birth Injuries in Pennsylvania – During Labor & Delivery

    Birth injuries in Pennsylvania can range from nerve damage to severe brain damage. In many cases, a lack of oxygen to the infant during labor and delivery can result in severe developmental delays such as cerebral palsy, or, in the worst case scenarios – death.

    Many birth injuries are caused by the following:

    • Failing to monitor, detect, or treat maternal infection
    • Failing to plan and carry out an emergency C-section
    • Failing to identify and treat a prolapsed umbilical cord
    • Failing to use birth-assist tools correctly

    Our team can investigate the circumstances surrounding your infant’s injury to determine the cause, and subsequently, who may be held liable for the injury.

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    Since 2015, our firm has recovered more than $50million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients, including birth injuries that occur during labor and delivery. This showcases our ability to achieve big results without losing a fraction of personal attention and devoted service to our clients. In fact, our client focus is the secret to our success. When we truly care about the client and about securing their futures, we aggressively advocate on their behalf, putting quality over quantity.

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