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    Bone Graft Infection Lawsuits

    June 2021 – Bone Graft Product Recalled Due to Risk of Tuberculosis Infections

    The CDC and FDA are working together to respond to a cluster of tuberculosis (TB) infections in patients who’ve recently had surgery using a bone repair product. TB is a potentially fatal disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB).

    On June 2, 2021, the bone graft product’s manufacturer issued a recall notice for the product, FiberCel. According to the CDC, patients who underwent spinal fusions or fracture repairs using the product are “likely to have been exposed to MTB”.

    The bone repair product’s manufacturer has recalled over 150 containers which were shipped to 20 states this spring. The products came from a single donor.

    According to the CDC, 8 patients died after their surgeries, and the causes of those deaths are under investigation. Delaware and Indiana have reported the most cases.

    Patients infected with TB may not show symptoms. In addition, not everyone who is infected with TB will become sick. However, infections can become fatal. The medical treatment protocol for TB involves a long-term course of antibiotics, typically 6 months.

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    Legal Info – What to Know About Bone Graft Infection Lawsuits

    Product Liability Lawsuits

    Defective bone graft products are subject to state laws which allow injured patients to seek legal recourse against companies, including manufacturers, distributors or retailers. These companies may be held liable when a medical product, like bone graft material, hardware, mesh, etc., fails and causes injury. Product failure can include not only disintegration or degradation of the product, but contamination with foreign substances, such as bacteria. 

    Winning a medical product injury lawsuit will require the right team of experts, which often includes mechanical engineers, medical experts and infectious disease experts. These experts will examine the patient’s medical history and the product itself to determine what went wrong. It’s critical to hire experienced product injury attorneys who will not only hire the best experts, but also know the right questions to ask and how to best prepare the case. 

    Bone Graft Infections – Compensation

    In a product injury lawsuit involving a bone graft, the patient may seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and out of pocket expenses. More importantly, claims may be made for the pain and suffering caused by repeated surgeries, hospitalizations and ongoing medical treatment. In the case of TB infections, extensive antibiotic treatment can cause long term complications, including digestive issues and hard to treat fungal infections.

    Spouses may also have claims to seek compensation for damage to the marital relationship that often occurs after serious injuries. These claims are known as loss of consortium claims and are derivative, meaning they originate from the injured spouse’s claim. 

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