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    Pennsylvania Machine Accident  Lawsuits in Philadelphia, Delaware & Montgomery Counties

    Machine and tool accidents can happen in both the workplace and at home. These cases often happen in workplaces such as factories, farms, processing plants, landscaping jobs and construction sites and involve complex issues, such as machine guarding failures or lock out/tag out violations.

    In addition, homeowners often tackle large home improvement projects, which can lead to serious accidents involving equipment like ladders, saws, nail guns, etc. When these kinds of accidents happen, injured individuals often have a variety of legal remedies, including a defective product claim against the equipment manufacturer, distributor and retailer.

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    Amputation & Crush Injuries

    Amputation and crush injuries are the most common types of injuries that occur in a machine or equipment accident. Legs, arms and hands are likely to get caught in a machine. In addition to amputation and crush injuries, equipment accidents can result in degloving injuries. In some instances, death will occur.

    Injured individuals often need extensive medical care, including surgery, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy and pain management. Construction and equipment accidents that cause amputations often result in long-term disabilities, scarring and pain. Many will never be able to return to their pre-accident jobs.

    Related Case Result: Our law firm obtained a $5.7 million settlement in a horrific case where our client’s lower leg was amputated in a construction site accident in Philadelphia, PA.

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    Who’s Liable for a Machine Accident in Pennsylvania?

    Under Pennsylvania law, product defect claims may be filed in cases involving landscaping equipment, construction equipment, factory machinery, home improvement equipment, etc. When an equipment or machine accident happens, multiple parties can be held liable, including:

    • an equipment manufacturer,
    • an equipment distributor or retailer, and
    • an equipment maintenance or servicing company.

    Product Defect Claims

    When equipment, machinery or tools malfunction and cause injury, the product manufacturer, distributor and/or retailer may be held liable. These cases typically involve 3 types of product liability claims: manufacturing defect, design defect and failure to warn.

    An injured individual presenting a product liability claim bears the burden of proof, including proving that the product was defective. This will involve hiring an expert to assess the product and determine how and why it failed. That’s why it’s critical to preserve the equipment, machine or tool after the accident occurs. Destroying or disposing of the defective product will make it more difficult to present the case.

    Financial Compensation for a Machine Accident in the Philadelphia Area

    Financial compensation claims allowed in equipment or machine product cases include:

    • medical bills,
    • lost wages,
    • out of pocket expenses, and
    • pain and suffering.

    Because equipment, machine and tool accidents often cause devastating injuries, the economic injury claims may be significant. In a leg or hand amputation case, the medical bills would include emergency treatment, surgery, extended hospital stays, rehabilitation care, physical therapy, ongoing medical care, and the lost wage claim would include short term and/or long term disability.

    Workers’ Compensation Benefits & Equipment Injuries

    It’s important to note that receiving workers’ compensation does not bar an injured worker’s product defect claim against a product manufacturer, distributor or retailer. Many injured workers don’t know that the workers’ comp claim and the product defect claim are separate claims that have no impact on each other. Therefore, workers injured in equipment, machine or tool accidents at work should speak to an experienced product injury lawyer to discuss their legal rights.

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