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    Pennsylvania Lockout Tagout Accident Lawsuits

    According to OSHA, there are about 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries due to lockout tagout accidents each year in the U.S. Injuries include crushed limbs, amputations, fractures, lacerations, degloving injuries and electrocutions.

    In Pennsylvania, machine guarding or lockout tagout accidents often occur at factories or manufacturing facilities. Even when a machine is turned off, stored energy can cause the machine to start unexpectedly, resulting in critical injuries to workers. Stored energy sources include electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, etc.

    Lockout tagout refers to safety protocols or procedures when machines are being serviced, maintained, cleaned or cleared. Lockout procedures are what they sound like, placing locks on parts of the machine. Tagout procedures include placing tags or warnings on the machine to alert other workers.

    Below are examples of OSHA’s lockout tagout standards.

    • Develop, implement and enforce an energy control program.
    • Use lockout devices for equipment that can be locked out. Tagout devices may be used in place of lockout devices only if the tagout program provides worker protection equivalent to that provided through a lockout program.
    • Develop, implement and enforce an effective tagout program if machines or equipment are not capable of being locked out.
    • Ensure that new or overhauled equipment is capable of being locked out.
    • Establish a policy that permits only the worker who applied a lockout/tagout device to remove it.
    • Provide effective training as mandated for all workers covered by the standard.

    When followed correctly, lockout tagout procedures ensure that energy sources are isolated, locked, and tagged, so that inadvertent startup does not occur.

    Lockout tagout accidents occur in any industry using machinery or equipment. They are most common in the manufacturing, construction and food processing industries.

    Pennsylvania Lockout Tagout Accidents – Who is Liable?

    Under Pennsylvania law, non-employer parties may be held liable for lockout tagout injuries, such as product manufacturers, equipment owners, maintenance or repair companies, etc.

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    Product Liability Claims

    Under Pennsylvania products liability laws, product manufacturers, distributors and retailers may be held liable for a product defect. This includes manufacturing defects, design defects and even failure to provide proper warnings.

    Example: A product manufacturer is held liable due to a manufacturing defect after a worker is critically injured in a lockout tagout accident near Philadelphia. The worker was clearing out a jam in a press and had followed his employer’s lockout tagout procedures. However, the machine’s faulty wiring created a second energy source that activated the press when the worker was clearing out the jam.

    Companies that rent, repair or service machines or equipment can also be held liable for accidents. The claims typically involve failure to maintain or negligent maintenance.

    Compensation Claims in Pennsylvania Lockout Tagout Accident Lawsuits

    Individuals injured in lockout tagout accidents often sustain critical injuries, which require extensive medical treatment. The injuries typically lead to permanent disability. The financial losses are often significant. Claims in these lawsuits include past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering.

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