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Inflatable Water Slide Injuries

Who is Liable?

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Water Slide Injury Claim Form

    Inflatable Water Slide Injury Lawsuits

    Injuries from Inflatable Water Slides

    Most water slide injuries are fractures in the arms, legs and even hips, and some individuals sustain spinal injuries or concussions. Both children and adults are at risk. With water slides, limbs often get caught in gaps in the side panels of the slide or below where the slide meets the catch pool. Act Now – Call our law firm for a FREE CONSULTATION at (610) 825-0500. Cases accepted nationwide.

    Water Slide Sale or Rental – Product Manufacturers, Distributors & Sellers May Be Liable

    Lawsuits for water slide injuries are one type of product liability or product injury lawsuits. These cases are filed against multiple parties, including product manufacturers, distributors and sellers or retailers. In addition, companies who rent out inflatable rides may also be liable.

    Example: A parent rents an inflatable water slide for their child’s birthday party. Due to the way the slide was designed, there’s a gap between the bottom of the slide and the catch pool. As kids go down the slide, their limbs may get caught in the gap.  As a boy goes down the slide, his leg gets caught in the gap just as he slides into the catch pool. His leg is fractured as a result. Here, the manufacturer, distributor, retailer and rental company may be liable for the injury. 

    Liability of Other Parties

    In some situations, the party who rented the inflatable ride may be liable as well. This includes private homeowners, summer camp organizations, festival organizers, etc. Any individual who purchases, rents or otherwise provides use of an inflatable device may be held liable. The claims against these types of entities may include negligent maintenance, negligent supervision, etc.

    Example: At summer camp, a child goes down a water slide and is injured when he is hit from behind by a much older, larger child. The second child started going down the slide before the first child cleared the slide and catch pool. Here, the claim is against the summer camp operator because summer camp employees failed to properly supervise the children during use of the water slide. 

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    Product Injury Claims for Inflatable Water Slides

    In water slide injury cases, there are 3 types of product injury claims.

    1. The product was defectively designed. As a general rule, a product is defectively designed if it is not safe for its intended use or reasonably foreseeable uses. State law varies with respect to the legal standards or tests applied to prove a design defect.
    2. The product was manufactured defectively. This means that the product at issue contained an unintended defect that occurred during manufacturing when other, like products did not contain the defect.
    3. The product did not contain sufficient warnings or instructions. Failure to warn claims may include claims that the product did not contain proper written warnings, instructions or labels that failed to warn the consumer about a certain hazard.

    Compensation for a Water Slide Injury

    Companies responsible for an inflatable water slide injury may be liable for the injured person’s medical bills, lost wages, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering. In catastrophic injury cases, claims may be made for future pain and suffering and future expenses like medical bills or lost wages. For example, a child who is injured on a water slide sustains a life-changing spinal cord injury. As a result of a spinal fracture, the child is now paraplegic. The child will no doubt, suffer for the rest of their life, but also incur medical expenses and other expenses. The compensation claim will include future pain and suffering, future medical expenses and out of pocket costs, as well as a future lost wage claim.

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    No matter what state the incident happened in, statute of limitations laws impose a strict time deadline on inflatable water slide injury cases. Don’t delay. Our Board Certified trial attorneys have the experience and resources to go toe to toe with large corporations in complex product liability matters. Our product injury lawyers have decades of experience and have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of complex product injury lawsuits. We’ve recovered over $50 million in verdicts and settlements since 2015. Call our law firm for a FREE CONSULTATION at (610) 825-0500.

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