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    Wood Chipper & Landscaping Accident Lawsuits Accepted Nationwide

    Landscaping accidents can involve a variety of equipment, such as lawn mowers, shears, chain saws, stump grinders, tractors, telescopic or pruning saws, hedge trimmers, and spreaders. Accidents involving wood chippers result in some of the most serious types of injuries and are often fatal.

    Wood Chipper & Landscaping Accidents

    Historical data from the CDC shows that there are about 200 deaths each year due to landscaping accidents. The most common cause of landscaping accidents is contact with an object or equipment.

    In addition, there are roughly 3 deaths and 200 injuries a year involving wood chippers, which are used in landscaping and forestry. Wood chippers are also used in the paper industry, as well as for energy production, waste management and mulch production.

    Wood chipper injuries are often catastrophic. Fingers and limbs are often severed, leading to life-long pain and suffering, as well as permanent disability. Oftentimes, victims of wood chipper accidents can obtain financial compensation. The key is prompt investigation into the circumstances of the accident. An experienced injury lawyer will investigate the cause of the accident. Was the wood chipper functioning properly at the time of the accident? Was the wood chipper maintained negligently? Did an employer or other party fail to provide proper training or personal protective equipment?

    Wood Chipper & Landscaping Accidents – Who is Liable?

    In wood chipper and landscaping accident cases, non-employer parties may be held liable for the injuries, such as product manufacturers, equipment owners, maintenance or repair companies, property owners, etc.

    Product Liability Claims

    Depending on the applicable laws, product manufacturers, distributors and retailers may be held liable for a product defect such as a design flaw, manufacturing defect or failure to provide adequate warnings.

    Example: A product manufacturer is held liable due to a manufacturing defect after a tree maintenance worker is pulled into the chipper. The worker got caught as he was manually feeding shrubs into the chipper. Another worker pulls the last chance cable, but the cable assembly fails. Investigation reveals a defect in the assembly which occurred during manufacturing.

    Other types of product defects that result in wood chipper and landscaping accidents include blade defects, engine defects, structural defects, electrical system defects, etc. 

    Negligent Operation/Maintenance Claims

    Companies that rent landscaping equipment to businesses and companies that repair or service landscaping equipment can be held liable for accidents. The claims typically involve failure to maintain or negligent maintenance.

    Example: A machine rental company rents wood chippers for commercial and private use. The company fails to perform routine sharpening of the blades. Several blades have become dull. As a result, the user is injured when a sharp piece of wood flies out of the chipper and strikes the user in the face, causing a severe injury.

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    Compensation Claims in Wood Chipper & Landscaping Accident Lawsuits

    Common claims for compensation in landscaping accident cases include both financial losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and out of pocket expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

    Serious landscaping accidents, like those involving wood chippers, typically result in critical injuries with permanent disabilities. Therefore, the financial losses are often significant. In addition to medical bills, victims of these accidents are often completely disabled from returning to their usual jobs. The loss of income can be devastating. Consequently, these cases typically involve not only claims for past financial losses, but also claims for future loss of earning capacity.

    Spouses are also able to file derivative claims known as a loss of consortium claim. This claim allows the spouse to obtain compensation when the injury negatively impacts the marital relationship. Changes to the marital relationship are often sudden, prolonged and profound, affecting all parts of the relationship, including intimacy and companionship.

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